Depression in the diagnosis of epilepsy. Anti-depression.

Let’s talk about how to successfully counteract depression. Depression is not a physical but a mental illness. Sometimes it seems that this is not a disease at all. Many consider this diagnosis not serious, preferring to leave their feelings in themselves. The danger of depression is that in itself it is not treated. All anxieties and fears accumulate deep in the subconscious, resulting in severe mental disorders. The main signs of depression are reduced mood, inability to enjoy things that used to give great pleasure, impaired concentration of consciousness, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, reduced self-esteem, inadequate guilt and the worst suicidal tendencies.

Each of us experienced a mild or severe condition. In some cases, this is a normal reaction. The loss of loved ones for example. Many people go through these conditions on their own if this is a mild form of depression. For many people, this is simply not possible if, in addition to a diagnosis of depression, you are diagnosed with epilepsy. Every person with such a diagnosis is known firsthand. What is not a depressive state for a second? Epilepsy or partial seizures is a condition when the neurons of the brain begin to work simultaneously, the patient loses consciousness. The attack of epilepsy happens without warning and preparation. People with this diagnosis are very limited in their actions. Early death for them is not a possibility but statistics. This is not only an accident during an attack, but many cases of suicide in patients with epilepsy.

Modern medicines such as Neurotin allow people with a diagnosis of epilepsy to get rid of attacks, pain and depression. To live a full life and not be afraid for the life and mental state of their loved ones. Neurotin not only reduces the likelihood of partial seizures for two weeks, but also helps to improve the patient’s mental state

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