Intercostal neuralgia

intercostal neuralgia
intercostal neuralgia

Intercostal neuralgia pathological process. This process arises as a result of compression, inflammation or irritation of intercostal nerves. Such disease causes very strong and painful phenomena. At neuralgia the pain syndrome extends on the nerve course, doing extremely painful the natural movements of a thorax “breath exhalation”. Intercostal neuralgia similar expressiveness of clinic, this disease often forces to think of serious pathologies of heart, stomach and backbone, forcing the doctor to go on a false diagnostic way.

Causes of intercostal neuralgia.

The reasons of neuralgia have absolutely different sources. Can provoke this painful symptom:

  • microtraumas
  • injuries and intoxications of an organism
  • bacterial toxins
  • heavy metals
  • some medicines
  • diseases of internals

Infectious diseases and pathologies of a backbone. Pathologies of a backbone and the muscular and copular device act as a basic reason of neuralgia:

  • osteochondrosis
  • osteoporosis
  • scoliosis
  • shift of vertebrae
  • additional edges
  • hernias of intervertebral disks
  • the deforming spondylosis

Symptoms of intercostal neuralgia.

The main symptom of intercostal neuralgia are pains in edges. They have acute burning character. Sometimes stupid feeling of pain. To appear periodically or constantly. At attacks pain can be intensive and amplify at:

  • cough
  • sneezing
  • movements of a trunk
  • pain as a rule is localized areas of the lower edges and can irradiate:
  • in a shoulder
  • in a hand

It often makes similar such attacks of pain with cardiology. Pain at intercostal neuralgia differs from heartaches in more constant nature of intensity of pains. There are no changes from outside warmly – the vascular system:

  • change of pulse
  • pressure
  • cardiogenic pain amplifies at the movement of a trunk
  • there is no local morbidity in edges.
  • pain at intercostal neuralgia can be followed by vegetative manifestations:
  • sweating
  • fast simulation of muscle groups
  • disturbance of sensitivity in the field of pain (numbness).
  • treatment of intercostal neuralgia in house conditions.

The illness in itself is safe. To health and the patient’s life — it the disease does not threaten. But brings a lot of unpleasant feelings. Intercostal neuralgia is formed against the background of serious diseases on the right. These diseases can pose a threat to health and human life. It is important that this pathology, is very often confused with other serious diseases. The inaction at such state conducts by a sad outcome for the patient and his relatives.

House means stop pain, relax muscles, allow to increase a physical activity.

Recipe 1. Heat boiled egg on a pan or a teapot, turn in cotton fabric, apply to sick area. It is possible to warm up egg in process of its cooling.

Retsept2. You need willow bark. Crush 15 grams of bark of a willow. Fill in the crushed bark of a willow of 250 ml of hot water. You cook the received mix on small fire half an hour. Rub a ready medicine in a sore point.

Before use of the above described means consult with your attending physician. Consider the specific features:

  • availability of an allergy
  • serious chronic illnesses

Treatment of intercostal neuralgia.

Doctors treat a basic disease. Which is the reason of an irritation of intercostal nerves.

If your disease in a stage of aggravation is necessary:

  • to minimize movements
  • to avoid sharp movements of a trunk
  • heavy lifting
  • the bed rest on a short period (1-3 days) perhaps also carrying a corset (1-3 days) for fixing of movements in a trunk is recommended

Drug treatment is directed to removal of a pain syndrome and inflammatory process. Use of muscle relaxants of such drugs which remove a muscular spasm is possible. Besides, group B vitamins are quite often appointed. At a sleep disorder sedative drugs can be used. Administration of local anesthetics (sometimes together with corticosteroids) are shown at a strong pain syndrome and allow to interrupt a pathological nervous impulsation.

Manual therapy and massage are especially effective at degenerative diseases of a backbone. Restoring mobility and removing muscular spasms in motive segments. E

and methods of treatment help with treatment of a basic disease. It reduces pains at intercostal neuralgia.

Diagnostics of intercostal neuralgia.

In usual manifestations of a disease. Diagnostics of intercostal neuralgia does not represent difficulties. But that pain can be shown in edges. Owing to numerous diseases. Doctors should conduct careful examination. The diagnosis of intercostal neuralgia can is exposed on the basis of a case history of the patient:

  • nature of pains
  • localization
  • intensity
  • duration of pains
  • irradiation availability
  • strengthening of pains at the movements of a trunk
  • external inspection (availability of deformations of a backbone)

Carrying out an electrocardiography is necessary, if necessary to differentiate with the cardiac nature of pains. At identification of degenerative changes in a backbone. Such tool methods of a research as are applied:

  • X-ray analysis,
  • computer tomography,
  • magnetic resonance imaging.

For diagnostics of osteoporosis it is necessary to carry out densitometry. When at the patient reveal a damage rate of nerve fibrils use EMG. Appoint laboratory inspections. Ultrasonic examination of an organism can be appointed for diagnostics as rheumatological diseases. Ultrasonic examination of an organism is appointed also for endocrine disturbances or diseases of kidneys. Approach to diagnostics of intercostal neuralgia, at specialists, has to be based on an exception first of all of the somatic reasons of pains:

  • heart diseases,
  • diseases of kidneys,

Translation of scientific works Miroslaw Poplawski (John Paul II Western Hospital)

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